Nubia Anacius

“Inspect what you Expect”!………are the words of encouragement I use to inspire the pre-marital population of today. I have been an activist and advocate for couples, marriages and families in therapeutic treatment for over 2 decades. I help couples to gain insight and measure the value of their connection with their partners. I am committed to the mental health and stable well-being of all participants throughout the workshop. I am a passionate professional focused on couples and marriages developing healthy mental and emotional relationship. I believe in being positively impactful and beneficial to the growth of healthy connections of relationships.

Positively Impacting Lives, One couple at a time.

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natalie a. n. Elliott

I love love! I'm been working with couples for years and I have come to believe that a number of marital problems can be prevented with good informative premarital counseling. I see a marriage as combining two cultures; and, I've been working as a "tour guide" of sots helping each party understand the landscape and background of your partner so that you both can co-exist in peace, love, and a happiness. 

All facilitators have received graduate level training in professional Counseling and specialized training in premarital counseling.